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California has a number of herpes support groups designed specifically to bring those who suffer from herpes together so they can enjoy things like hiking, dancing, and live music instead of suffering in silence. So they can meet up with people who understand exactly what they’re going through. A few of these groups upwards of 2,000 members and some even provide volunteer opportunities for those who want to give something back to their community. There are a high number of herpes support groups in California, but we’ve brought our list down to just nine so you can get a quick snapshot into some of the groups that you can join.

California Herpes Support Groups
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Bay Area Friends

This is a group in the Bay Area that’s a meeting point for those who suffer from genital herpes. This is a private group, so you should inquire about membership before trying to attend any functions. That said, there are no dues and no hierarchical structure, so the group is more laid back. This group welcomes people of all ages, ethnicities, and sexual preferences, and doesn’t discriminate. Keep in mind this isn’t a dating service and it doesn’t post personal ads, so the focus is more on making new friends.

Central Cali H Friends

This group has alliances all throughout California and the US. You have to be over eighteen to join, and they have plenty of fun activities so that you can make new friends along the way. This group also focuses on helping you to take care of your body, and it dispels the myth that when you have this condition you’re completely alone. They especially like to welcome in people who have just been diagnosed.

Southern Cal Friends

This group has regularly scheduled social activities, trips, and other events for people with herpes. You also have to be over eighteen to participate, but they don’t require membership. This group has volunteer opportunities as well, and they have a social calendar to help you plan out events.

Orange County Friends

This is a social group for people with herpes, and it insists that it’s not a dating service. They focus on getting people together in relaxed environments, and there aren’t any fees or dues required to join. They have events like dinner, brunch, happy hour, and others so that you can make new friends. This group is also connected with the Orange County HELP support group.

Sacramento Friends

Members of this group live in and around San Francisco and stretch as far as the Bay Area. While some herpes support groups are more like a dating service, this one isn’t. However, they do tease that you might be able to find a date here. Singles and couples are both welcome to join.

San Diego City HELP

This group is a confidential California non-profit self-help group that helps people with herpes and HPV. This group focuses more on emotional support and relevant information as opposed to things like social outings.


This group is a social activity focused organization that’s in California. This group organizes social activities and various events in the area. It’s not a dating service and is specifically for those who are over eighteen. They offer a supportive, relaxed atmosphere for those living with herpes, and there are also no membership fees or dues involved with this group.

SD H Friends

This group is another resource for those who are living with herpes and/or HPV. It promotes itself as a safe atmosphere where members can forget about the condition they have and instead focus on having a good time. They focus on putting on a diverse variety of events so they can make sure that they attract as many new members as possible. This group understands how difficult it can be to reach out to a group like this, so they urge prospective members to contact them first if they have any concerns.

H Socials Southern CA

The organizers of this group note that some people have met their future partners through this group even though it’s not officially a dating service. Also, this is one of the herpes support groups that do also welcome those with HPV even though it primarily focuses on people with herpes. They focus on living a full life despite their diagnosis.

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