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USA Herpes Support Groups | Atlanta, Seattle, Phoenix

Herpes support groups in the USA work hard to bring people suffering from Herpes together so that they can share their stories and experiences. These groups help people to enjoy life and have fun without any risk of judgment. If you need help, you can go through the list provided below to find the groups that are located in your city. These groups are often sponsored by the Herpes Resources Centre and they will quickly set you up with a group and individual counseling and fun events where you can be yourself and engage with others who face similar challenges to yours.

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USA Herpes Support Groups

Herpes Support Groups in other Major Cities of USA

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Herpes, HPV club

This club often gives its members access to other sites which are meant for herpes dating and social events. But this group also organizes a regular meet that happens on the third Saturday of every month. The membership is free, and the club can be reached at 770- 463- 8605 on phone.

Atlanta H Club Yahoo group

This is a diverse group in Atlanta that supports different events to raise awareness about Herpes-1 and Herpes-2. Members have to sign into their Yahoo group page to read and respond to different posts. Membership is free.

People of Colour Atlanta

POCAtlanta is a herpes support group that does not discriminate in terms of race and appearance. Only adults with Herpes I, II and HPV are allowed to join. The group is discreet and keeps information about different members completely confidential.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Friends

This is a social group for people with HSV-1 and HSV-2 so that they can meet new people and make more friends. This group addresses all questions and concerns of its members, and everybody is encouraged to participate. Members will be moderated before joining, and any wrong behavior will put them back under moderation again.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Twin Cities H Social

Based mainly in Minneapolis, this group covers all states from Minnesota to Iowa and Wisconsin. Anyone living outside of these states can join, but they need to contact the group moderators to explain why they want to join their group. This support group helps its members to deal with everyday issues related to Herpes. Members provide mental support to each other and also arrange events to have fun and socialize.

Washington DC

H2O of DC

This social group covers mainly Washington D.C and Baltimore. Membership is completely free and there is no need to fill up forms or take care of other formalities. People with HSV-1 and HSV-2 are encouraged to come at any of their public social events and meet others.

Washington HELP

This group holds meetings every second Monday except on Federal holidays. Members are given emotional support and medical advice to manage a healthy lifestyle.

Detroit, Michigan

Metro Detroit HELP

This group is affiliated with Herpes Resource Centre, which is funded by ASHA (American Sexual Health Association). It holds monthly meetings for its members and offers information and support to people suffering from Herpes.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle H Scene

This is a private social group for people with oral and genital herpes. Membership is free, and only people above the age of 18 years are accepted as members. This is a member-focused group, so only members arrange social gatherings for picnics, BBQ, Brunches, Happy Hours, Dinners and even Ski Trips!

Boston, Massachusetts

Bean Town Friends

This is a Boston Help Group that helps to educate members about HSV-1 and HSV-2. This group is very active, and members answer any questions others might have about their disease and symptoms. They are very discreet and keep their events private. They hold events throughout the year. Membership is free and people do not have to fill up forms to apply. Social events are also organized, where members can make new friends and enjoy without being judged because of their STD status.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Friends

This group allows people who over 18 years of age to join. Members are invited to go to different social events to make new friends and share their stories and troubles with others without any fear of judgment. Group forum is moderated to ensure that people’s responses are not taken lightly or ridiculed. The group does not discriminate in terms of social status or appearances. Since members interact openly in a public forum, everyone is advised to not use their real name. Group events are also revealed to members only.

Portland, Oregon

Portland Area Friends

This group was started in the year 2001 and now has about 613 members. It is meant primarily for herpes patients who are over 18 years of age. This group does not focus on sessions which provide medical information. They usually organize fun meets for movies, happy hours, pizza nights, dinners and camping trips. Events are organized on a monthly basis.

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Australia Herpes Support groups and Dating | Sydney, Melbourne

If you live in Australia and have herpes, you may feel like dating just isn’t an option. It’s not true. There are plenty of options for herpes dating, as well as a large number of herpes support groups. It’s even possible to discreetly find and attend a herpes support group if you’re uncomfortable with others knowing about your condition.

Australia Herpes Support groups
Photo credit: Ethan Brooke

Australia Herpes Support

Numerous sites and forums can be found online for anyone who needs support. However, for those who need a more personal touch, there are three major herpes support groups based in Australia:

Herpes Hangout

This Yahoo based group is specifically intended for those people in Australia that are living with herpes, and has almost a thousand members from all over the country, including Sydney and Melbourne. They are primarily an online herpes support group, but they do offer telephone support as well (on request), and can guide you to a dating site that caters exclusively to people with herpes (see below).

Sexual Health Australia

SHA actually helps residents of Australia with all STIs rather than just herpes. The website is a great resource tool for anyone who thinks they might have an STI. Once a positive diagnosis is confirmed, SHA also offers counselling both in person and over the phone to help people adjust to having it. They do not advertise any herpes support groups, but their professionals can refer you to a group if it will help with your transition.

The Sydney Group

This small user-run herpes support group focuses primarily on the Sydney area. Members meet regularly for meals, activities, and entertainment. It’s not intended as a dating event, but as a social event so those with herpes can form supportive friendships with each other. However, couples are definitely welcome, and it is also possible you could meet someone within the group.

Australia Herpes Dating

Just like finding a herpes support group, there are plenty of options specifically for herpes dating. Some are specialized and focus on Australians who need a date that’s comfortable with their condition, while others are international, but can show you singles in your area.

Positive Singles

Positive Singles claims to be the largest herpes dating site, and features a real-time chat room and a mobile app for Android and iOS. They also encourage members to write blogs as a way of supporting others afflicted with herpes, and do accept members with other STIs.

It is free to join and free to respond to messages from others, but responding to “winks” and/or send messages requires an upgrade to a Gold Membership, which costs $29.95 per month. The charge is placed under the company name “” to protect your privacy.

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Sydney Herpes Dating Meetup for Australia STD Singles

Meetup is a fast-growing website that allows users join groups, communicate with each other, and schedule events for free. The downside is that only subscribers can form groups. Fortunately, someone has already created a group for singles in Australia living with STDs, including the linked dating meetup for singles in Sydney.

Sydney Herpes-2 Singles Social Meetup Group

This is another group that can be found on Meetup. As the name suggests, they’re a recently formed social group for Sydney singles that have herpes-2. Signing up is free, and suggestions are welcomed, so any activity you might enjoy is on the table. The only downside is the group only has 44 members at the time of this writing, so it’ll be trickier to align schedules for events. Still, as the group grows, so will the chances of an enjoyable and entertaining event. It’s worth a look.


Using these resources should help anyone with herpes live a normal life, both in dating and by providing a support group to handle any stress caused by the adjustment. Having an STI isn’t the end, only the beginning of a new chapter.


Canada Herpes Support Groups | Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa

Just because you tested positive, doesn’t mean that your life is over. Herpes is arguably one of the most shamed medical conditions out there. There’s also a lot of misinformation about herpes, and it can be hard to find the answers you need. Whether you’re looking for a serious discussion or a fun night out to dinner, you can find a variety of local herpes support groups to help you in Canada.

Canada Herpes Support Groups
Photo credit: Andre Furtado

The Phoenix Association

Being diagnosed with herpes can be scary and confusing. If you have any questions about who to tell, how to tell them, what does this mean for your dating life, then The Phoenix Association is a great place to ask! The Phoenix Association holds “self-help”-style meetings once a month – these are open forums where anyone can ask questions or share their experiences. Come here to find out about prescription drugs and their side effects, natural treatments, role-playing, discussing your condition with your partner, and more. Definitely one of the most helpful herpes support groups in Canada.

Vancouver HELP

An in-person group that meets once a month in Burnaby, Canada. There is also a very active Yahoo group where you can post questions, share links, and connect online with members.

Vancouver H Friends

One of the most active herpes support groups in Canada. A social group for people with herpes in the greater Vancouver area that has a diverse group of members 300+ on Meetup and 500+ on Yahoo! Groups. They set out to prove that you can have fun and find new friends, regardless of the situation! Join the Meetup group to find a variety of activities from pub nights to dinners. New to the area? Don’t be afraid to join! New members come all the time, just let someone at VHF know and they’ll be sure to help introduce you to some friendly faces at the next event.

Five by Five

Five by Five is a Canadian military term that means “loud and clear, everything is working 100%” – just like you. Don’t let herpes damage who you are! This is a social group for people with herpes, we cover a variety of interests. If you don’t see a meetup you’d like, we’re always looking for news hosts/hostesses! Email us if you’re interested in hosting an event.

Inland NW Friends

An online take on herpes support groups. It is an online group for adults with herpes (HSV-1 and HSV-2) and HPV to find new friendships and romance. It is also a place to ask questions and get support for dealing with herpes.

H Support and Social Group Ottawa

HSS is a herpes support group in Canada for adults with HSV-1, HSV-2, and HPV. The group is open to members of all ages, sexual orientations, religions, races, etc. Through this group members have the opportunity to hang out with people “who just get it” in Ottawa. You can attend fun events with people who understand what you’re going through. What kind of events? HSS Hosts a variety of events all over the city, it could be anything from a concert to a pub night! You can even submit your own ideas through their Meetup group. You also have access to a helpful support message board through HSS. You can find information about herpes resources in Canada, and you can ask questions of your own! Hang out, get support through social events, create lasting friendships, and maybe even find a partner at HSS.

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Texas Herpes Support Groups | Dallas, San Antonio, Austin

Texas has many herpes support groups to aid those suffering from HSV and HPV. From Austin H Friends serving the Austin area to DFW Friends serving Dallas/Fort Worth, there is no shortage of herpes support groups to let those afflicted enjoy life through social gatherings. Some herpes support groups also offer dating help and emotional support to herpes sufferers. Below you can find a list of herpes support groups located around the state of Texas.

Texas Herpes Support Groups

Austin HELP

Austin HELP offers support to Texans with herpes in the Austin, Texas area and surrounding areas. They are a non-profit chapter of the Herpes Resource Center. Membership to this group must be approved by moderators.

Austin HELP meets on the first Tuesday of each month, sharing publications and other information and ending meetings with dinner. Meetings are confidential, and limited to those that have an HSV diagnosis and their significant others.

Austin H Friends

Austin H Friends offers support to Texans with herpes in the Austin, Texas area and surrounding areas. The group is an extension of the Austin H Friends social organization. Membership to this group is for those 18 and older and must be approved by moderators.

The group holds five sponsored events a month. Members also hold their own group events with no schedule. Austin H Friends has close to 900 members in and around the Austin area.

Clear Lake H Friends

Clear Lake H Friends offers support to Texans with herpes in the Clear Lake and Houston, Texas areas, as well as Galveston County and surrounding areas. Clear Lake H Friends hosts meetings, social events, parties and other activities.

The group is open to all people with a herpes diagnosis regardless of age, race, creed, sexual orientation or marital status. Members also participate in events hosted by other herpes support groups.

DFW Friends

DFW Friends offers support to Texans with herpes in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, as well as surrounding areas. DFW Friends is free for adults 21 and over.

The group meets on the first and second weekends of each month in a relaxed, social atmosphere, and does not offer dating services. The group accepts members from all walks of life and is constantly looking for new members.

Houston H Friends

Houston H Friends offers support to Texans with herpes in the Houston, Texas area and surrounding areas. Houston H Friends is focused on keeping members informed on upcoming social events around the Houston Metropolitan Area.

Houston H Friends meets every third Tuesday from 6:30 to 7:45 PM at the Legacy Clinic. The group provides a support mechanism and a non-judgmental atmosphere during meetings. The group also hosts resources and support for those dealing with HSV and HPV.

Houston HELP

Houston HELP offers support to Texans with herpes in the Houston, Texas area and surrounding areas. Houston HELP is recognized and sponsored by the American Social Health Association (ASHA).

The group meets on the third Tuesday of each month from 6:30 to 8 PM at the Montrose Clinic. Meetings discuss feelings, relationships, dating, and dealing with the physical aspects of HSV and HPV. The group offers information and support to members that need it. Houston HELP distributes information and newsletters through Houston H Friends.

San Antonio H Friends

San Antonio H Friends offers support to Texans with herpes in the San Antonio, Texas area and surrounding areas. San Antonio H Friends (also San Antonio HELP) is sponsored by the American Social Health Association (ASHA).

The group meets several times a month, including quarterly support meetings, movies, birthdays, tubing, and other events. Members also hold their own group events with no schedule. San Antonio H Friends is a non-judgmental group.

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Ohio Herpes Support Groups | Cincinnati, Toledo, Columbus

There are a number of excellent, confidential and discreet support groups for people with herpes in Ohio. These groups bring together people living with herpes, HPV, and HSV and offer meetings, social activities, and events throughout Ohio. From Cleveland to Cincinnati to Toledo and more, these groups can provide a supportive and fun social environment, emotional support and dating assistance. If you’re living with herpes, HPV or HSV, these herpes support groups can make a real difference in your social and love life. These groups encourage new members to get involved; many organize in-person social events and activities in addition to online discussions to encourage personal connections, friendships and romance among members.

Ohio Herpes Support Groups
Photo credit: Robert Conklin

Herpes Cincinnati

Herpes Cincinnati is an online support group and mailing list that brings people living with herpes and HPV together in the Cincinnati, area for social connections and support. The group is strongly oriented toward singles interested in dating and forging new social connections, as well as serving as a herpes support group. The online group is confidential and discreet; it intends to bring people with herpes together to find new friendships – and perhaps more – in a mutually supportive online environment.

Cincinnati HELP

Cincinnati HELP is an in-person herpes support group for people in the Cincinnati, area with herpes and HSV. It has monthly meetings, offers support and information and provides the opportunity to talk with other people living with herpes and HSV. This is an in-person group that moves beyond online interaction to forging social connections. The group is confidential, discreet and open to new members. It fosters social connections and openness to dating with mutual support and discussion.

POC Ohio

POC Ohio is a herpes support group open to people throughout Ohio living with herpes, HSV and HPV. It is centered on African-American interests and cultural events, but is open to all people in Ohio living with herpes and HPV. The group holds events and parties of interest to members in person as well as providing an online support group for emotional support, social interaction and medical discussion. POC Ohio hosts parties to encourage social interaction and potential dating among members and friends.

Ohio Friends

Ohio Friends is a social herpes support group throughout the state of Ohio for people with herpes and HPV. It identifies as part of the worldwide H community that works to support dating and social interaction for people with herpes and HPV. It organizes functions and events for fun social interactions and personal connections among members and friends. Events are organized to prioritize priority and safety, and emphasizes education and social support for people with herpes. The group is open to new members; events and activities are for members only. It also hosts an online dating service for members of the community in association with PositiveSingles.

Living with HSV in the 419

This group is a herpes support group for people with HSV or HPV in Toledo. People from outside Toledo are also welcome to join the conversation, but it is exclusively for people with HSV or HPV. The group is an online discussion forum designed to encourage friendship, social connections and potentially more among its members. The group is restricted and for members only, in order to preserve the discretion, privacy, and confidentiality of participants. This group is open to all kinds of conversations among people who share common experiences and interests in making new connections for friendships or romance.

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North Carolina Herpes Support Groups | Raleigh, Charlotte

Approximately one out of five North Carolina residents has genital herpes. If you have herpes and want support and assistance, several herpes support groups in North Carolina can provide guidance and support. A support group is a community of patients, friends and family members dedicated to dealing with Genital Herpes, together. These herpes support groups can also be a dating or meetup opportunity for people who want to connect with others in the same situation as they are.

The number of people with herpes in North Carolina is growing and if you are one of them, remember that you are not alone. Many people with herpes feel secluded and shy about sharing their story, some of them feel ashamed to tell others about their condition. That is why herpes support groups are set up. For people living in North Carolina, there are now several options to pick from.

North Carolina Herpes Support Groups
Photo credit: Nathan Anderson

Charlotte H

Charlotte H is a support group based in North Carolina. It is a community managed by its member that provides support and friendship to people who have been diagnosed with Types 1 & 2 of the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV1 & HSV2). They also offer support for those diagnosed with the Human papillomavirus (HPV). The community’s objective is to create a fun and safe place for people to heal and develop after receiving their diagnosis. The group is also active in supporting HSV/HPV awareness, providing resources and education materials to local Charlotte community.

(POC) People of Color North Carolina

The People of Color North Carolina is a herpes support group based in NC. They provide medical information, herpes support, and a place to share feelings and experiences as well as emotional hugs when needed. They also provide a social avenue for adults with herpes to meet others with the condition. Their gatherings are fun and very social and a great place to let go of all inhibitions about your condition. Most adults with herpes need a place to vent and express their frustrations, and they need to know they are being heard by others who understand what they are going through. POC helps attendees achieve all these goals.

North Carolina H Group

North Carolina H Group is here for anyone looking for support in dealing with herpes. The group is a friendship community in NC for like-minded people. It is a place where you can talk about your diagnosis and whatever else you have in common with other attendees. The group is a member-run community that provides support, where friendships are formed, and advice is sought. It is a great place for those recently diagnosed with the disease who need assistance and information in all aspects of their lives. This group provides information and allows its members share their fears, experiences, and feelings with people who are connected directly or indirectly to the disease.

The Raleigh H Club

Group Introduction: Raleigh Triangle Herpes & HPV is a membership community for people in the Raleigh area that have received a diagnosis of herpes and HPV. It is a social ground for meeting and sharing experiences and challenges. Support is provided by members and advice is provided on dating. Most attendees are from the Raleigh area, of North Carolina, while others may live in surrounding towns of the Triangle; everyone is welcome to join. This herpes support group strives to be a social gathering, as well as a group that promotes knowledge rather than ignorance. It is a members-only support group, therefore information posted on the group page can only be accessed by its members. Membership is free, but they accept donations to help pay for monthly meetups.


Genital herpes can be an isolating condition, but you are no longer alone. Whether you have HSV1, HSV2 or HPV (Human Papillomavirus) and need a place to let go and express how you feel, then a support group will help you achieve this. Even if you are just looking for information to help someone you know, herpes support groups are the right place for assistance. They welcome everyone who wants to make new friends and share fun activities.

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New York Herpes Support Groups | NYC, Buffalo, Hudson Valley

There are so many different herpes support groups available that it can sometimes be hard to know which one is right for you. Each of the groups mentioned is set up to serve various locations within New York and have different goals for each of the groups. Knowing what you are looking for in the group can go a long way in helping you to find a group that will suit your needs and your expectations. Several of these groups have different types of social gatherings available for any interested members that are set up with the goal of giving those with herpes a safe meeting place with others who are going through similar situations. These groups offer no judgment and they take the privacy of their members very seriously whether the meetings occur in public or online.

New York Herpes Support Groups

437737 Buffalo and Western NY with Herpes

This 437737 support group is a place that offers friendship for all of its members and acts as a herpes support group to its members as well as listing social events on both the local and the national scale for those in the New York area. This is done to help the members have a safe place to meet up and get to know each other.

Herpes New York

Herpes New York acts as one of many herpes support groups while giving members a place where they can make friends who are going through the same situation in the New York state area. The online aspect gives members a way to discuss their situation without having to worry about judgment or other concerns that meeting face to face would give members.

Hudson Valley Friends

This herpes support group strives to create fun social situations for all of its members. The events are planned by members and are open to anyone in the Hudson Valley area. These social events can be nearly anything that members can come up with and discussion of what the group is exactly when in public is strongly discouraged. This gives members a way to have fun with others in their situation without concern that those outside of the group will learn about the purpose of the group.


NYCFriendsII is set up as a herpes support group for anyone in the New York City area looking to create friendships with others who will understand their situation and what they are going through. Members are encouraged to post with questions, concerns and other comments on the website and to be respectful of the other members of the group.


USNYFriends is a herpes support group that provides many services to its members. Their main goal is to have a place where people can turn to for both support and friendship in a respectful environment. The respect that they expect is one of the only rules for the group and they encourage open discussions between any of their members.

Herpes Information New York

HINY acts as a way for members to keep up with all of the activities for the Herpes community that are available within the New York metro area and surrounding areas. These activities are typically non-profit but they all cater to the herpes community that has such a strong presence within the city. These events are great gathering spots where members can enjoy themselves in public without fear of judgment or misunderstandings.

HRA of New York City

HRA of New York City is set up as a herpes support group with a physical meeting on the second Friday of every month. These meetings serve as a support group for those in the NYC area. There are typically ten to fifteen members at any one group but new members are not uncommon. It is expected that these meetings be held in a respectful manner without passing judgment on anyone who shows up to participate in each meeting.

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Illinois Herpes Support Groups | Chicago, Mahomet, Hoopeston

If you have been recently diagnosed or have lived with herpes for years, support exists in abundance. There are many online herpes support groups both private and public throughout Illinois. Each group has its own unique approach to developing support networks and communities for those who suffer with the stigma of herpes. Some groups focus on emotional support, some on networking or dating, and others on how to live with the disease, offering tips on healthy living and outbreak management. Most groups offer some combination of support and services. It may seem intimidating or scary at first, but once you take that first step, you’ll wish you had done it sooner. Please read through the descriptions carefully, as each group has its own focus and personality. We have listed a few of them below for your convenience.

Illinois Herpes Support Groups
Photo credit: Colin Maynard

Illinois H Friends

A public group of 784 members, Illinois H Friends is an online open group that does not require membership for approval. Members can keep their information and emails private. Illinois H Friends keeps members informed on recent advances and medical breakthroughs, and brings people together in fellowship. It encourages socialization through its meetup group, Chicago H Social group.

Chicago H Social Group

If you’re looking for an event rich group, this friendly and diverse HPV and/or herpes support group may just do the trick. With over 824 members and 2 to 3 social event Meetups per month, you’re sure to find a group that you enjoy. Joining is easy and private. Simply fill out your profile and the organizer will review it for approval.

The organizer of cHicago Friends encourages honesty and living a shame-free life. Having “the talk” isn’t easy. Being able to socialize with others who have “the gift” makes it easier to pursue fulfilling lives and relationships. This Illinois herpes support group offers a safe place to vent, commiserate, learn, grow and discover. They are looking forward to meeting you.

People of Colour, Chicago

This member-focused group of 315 people is specifically anti-discriminatory and encourages all members regardless of race or appearance. If you suffer from HSV 1, HSV 2 and HPV you can join this group. Discretion is paramount and your identities are protected. Founded in 2003, POC Chicago is run by members. Opportunities abound for active participation.

Chicago H Club

This group knows how to have fun. Though the only group listed that charges a fee for their upgraded membership, they offer a plethora of perks. This is a site that supports you. Whether you are looking to date, be educated, or find support. They have both regular and video chat, phone apps, blogging opportunities (with privacy features) and interest-specific forums on such topics as photography, men, women, et cetera.

Illinois Prairie Friends

Chicago isn’t the only city in Illinois with an active herpes support group. Founded in 2001, this group’s 278 members do their best to organize events throughout the month, covering quite a large area. Support and socialization are the main focus of this small but active group. Prairie Friends understands that privacy is important and reminds members that being a public and open group, email ID’s are not hidden and messages are not moderated.

STL ArcH Friends

St. Louis and Metro East residents with HSV, HIV, HPV and any other STD are encouraged to attend. Living with an ST is often a lonely and self-isolating event causing depression and sadness. This community was created as a place for people with STD’s to meet and socialize, to know that they are not living alone and that they have support.

STL ArcH Friends wants you to live a rich, balanced life. Their goal is for you to be active with their community and to develop a network of online support as well as participate in planned social outings and events. A secret Facebook group allows the confidential exchange of information, support, education, and events. You can join by invitation only. If interested, please send a request to join to or for approval.

Not intended as an online dating community, this Illinois herpes support group is primarily focused on disseminating educational information on STD and herpes research, providing support, offering a place for those living with an STD to seek out advice guidance and friendship. They offer extensive resources on their resource page on how to cope with and manage symptoms, the latest in scientific discoveries and other supportive information.

STL ArcH is always interested in your feedback and encourages suggestions and ideas on how to improve services and support.

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Florida Herpes Support Groups | Daytona, West Palm, Delray

Florida has many discreet and confidential support groups to assist individuals suffering from herpes, HPV, and HSV. Members can join social activities and events happening in and around Jacksonville to Daytona. From the Southeast H Club serving the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area and the North Florida H Friends group serving the Miami area, there are plenty of support groups to find emotional support and dating help for herpes suffers. Below is a listing of herpes support groups in the Florida area.

Florida Herpes Support Groups

Tampa Bay H Club

Tampa Bay H Club is an active support and social group in Florida for individuals suffering from herpes or HPV in and around the Tampa Bay area. Due to spamming and technical issues, the group asks for invitation requests to the group through Get the support you need to live an active lifestyle. Your confidentiality is a priority at the Tampa Bay H Club.

Southeast Florida H Social Club

This is a Florida support group for people living with herpes. Members interact with each other to cope with the symptoms and emotional stress caused by suffering from herpes. They have unique activities, meeting places, and social events for individuals 18+. Unlike other herpes support groups, they encourage the group to speak freely without the worry of their comments being reviewed first. This group hosts public events to ensure members can feel comfortable. This group is all about meeting and having fun despite living with herpes.

Southwest Florida Support

Unlike other Florida herpes support groups, this group encourages dating. They offer a strong support network through their website message board. This is a new group with 300+ members and there are plenty fun and interesting support activities and dating events available to members only. This group is a member of the Social Support Network Alliance. Meet someone exciting with your unique situation in common and have fun.

Sarasota Bradenton H Club

This local support group organizes events and social activities for people living with herpes in Florida. Members are encouraged to leave a message on the message board for support and group ideas. Get online support from other individuals suffering from the same illness. They provide links to other groups for HPV suffers and other STDs. This is a fun social group that encourages their members to participate and assist with planning activities in Bradenton and Sarasota.

North Florida H Friends

This is a Florida social group for people living with herpes. Members of this group are encouraged to interact and make friends to support each other while living with herpes. This group promotes a safe environment for their members with a confidential restricted group with over 600+ members. Members can check the member board for social events and activities for support with herpes. Privacy settings allow access to members only. Request an invitation to the group by sending a message to their email address.

Jax 437737

The Jax 437737 group in Florida is a place to chat, meet, and make new friends. This group is for genital and oral herpes suffers. The members of this group are active in helping each other cope with the symptoms of the disease. They encourage their members to join through the email invitation. This group focuses on your social life by participating in social events and group activities. They strongly encourage members to attend social events and participation is greatly appreciated. There are 200+ members currently active in this herpes support group.

Orlando Florida H20 Group

This is a no-cost volunteer support group for oral and genital herpes suffers in. Get resources and counseling from a friendly group that helps you deal with herpes in a positive way. This group offers support for HSV1 and HSV2 suffers across the Orlando, Tampa, and Daytona area. This group provides strategies that help you cope with herpes on a daily basis. This is a highly intelligent group that helps you find emotional support in Florida.

Positive Singles is a dating site for those with herpes who want romance while avoiding the awkward “herpes talk”! You can meet quality people and maybe become one of their many success stories! Meet singles now!


California Herpes Support Groups | San Diego, San Francisco

California has a number of herpes support groups designed specifically to bring those who suffer from herpes together so they can enjoy things like hiking, dancing, and live music instead of suffering in silence. So they can meet up with people who understand exactly what they’re going through. A few of these groups upwards of 2,000 members and some even provide volunteer opportunities for those who want to give something back to their community. There are a high number of herpes support groups in California, but we’ve brought our list down to just nine so you can get a quick snapshot into some of the groups that you can join.

California Herpes Support Groups
Photo credit: Tae Fuller

Bay Area Friends

This is a group in the Bay Area that’s a meeting point for those who suffer from genital herpes. This is a private group, so you should inquire about membership before trying to attend any functions. That said, there are no dues and no hierarchical structure, so the group is more laid back. This group welcomes people of all ages, ethnicities, and sexual preferences, and doesn’t discriminate. Keep in mind this isn’t a dating service and it doesn’t post personal ads, so the focus is more on making new friends.

Central Cali H Friends

This group has alliances all throughout California and the US. You have to be over eighteen to join, and they have plenty of fun activities so that you can make new friends along the way. This group also focuses on helping you to take care of your body, and it dispels the myth that when you have this condition you’re completely alone. They especially like to welcome in people who have just been diagnosed.

Southern Cal Friends

This group has regularly scheduled social activities, trips, and other events for people with herpes. You also have to be over eighteen to participate, but they don’t require membership. This group has volunteer opportunities as well, and they have a social calendar to help you plan out events.

Orange County Friends

This is a social group for people with herpes, and it insists that it’s not a dating service. They focus on getting people together in relaxed environments, and there aren’t any fees or dues required to join. They have events like dinner, brunch, happy hour, and others so that you can make new friends. This group is also connected with the Orange County HELP support group.

Sacramento Friends

Members of this group live in and around San Francisco and stretch as far as the Bay Area. While some herpes support groups are more like a dating service, this one isn’t. However, they do tease that you might be able to find a date here. Singles and couples are both welcome to join.

San Diego City HELP

This group is a confidential California non-profit self-help group that helps people with herpes and HPV. This group focuses more on emotional support and relevant information as opposed to things like social outings.


This group is a social activity focused organization that’s in California. This group organizes social activities and various events in the area. It’s not a dating service and is specifically for those who are over eighteen. They offer a supportive, relaxed atmosphere for those living with herpes, and there are also no membership fees or dues involved with this group.

SD H Friends

This group is another resource for those who are living with herpes and/or HPV. It promotes itself as a safe atmosphere where members can forget about the condition they have and instead focus on having a good time. They focus on putting on a diverse variety of events so they can make sure that they attract as many new members as possible. This group understands how difficult it can be to reach out to a group like this, so they urge prospective members to contact them first if they have any concerns.

H Socials Southern CA

The organizers of this group note that some people have met their future partners through this group even though it’s not officially a dating service. Also, this is one of the herpes support groups that do also welcome those with HPV even though it primarily focuses on people with herpes. They focus on living a full life despite their diagnosis.

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