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Florida has many discreet and confidential support groups to assist individuals suffering from herpes, HPV, and HSV. Members can join social activities and events happening in and around Jacksonville to Daytona. From the Southeast H Club serving the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area and the North Florida H Friends group serving the Miami area, there are plenty of support groups to find emotional support and dating help for herpes suffers. Below is a listing of herpes support groups in the Florida area.

Florida Herpes Support Groups

Tampa Bay H Club

Tampa Bay H Club is an active support and social group in Florida for individuals suffering from herpes or HPV in and around the Tampa Bay area. Due to spamming and technical issues, the group asks for invitation requests to the group through meetup.com. Get the support you need to live an active lifestyle. Your confidentiality is a priority at the Tampa Bay H Club.

Southeast Florida H Social Club

This is a Florida support group for people living with herpes. Members interact with each other to cope with the symptoms and emotional stress caused by suffering from herpes. They have unique activities, meeting places, and social events for individuals 18+. Unlike other herpes support groups, they encourage the group to speak freely without the worry of their comments being reviewed first. This group hosts public events to ensure members can feel comfortable. This group is all about meeting and having fun despite living with herpes.

Southwest Florida Support

Unlike other Florida herpes support groups, this group encourages dating. They offer a strong support network through their website message board. This is a new group with 300+ members and there are plenty fun and interesting support activities and dating events available to members only. This group is a member of the Social Support Network Alliance. Meet someone exciting with your unique situation in common and have fun.

Sarasota Bradenton H Club

This local support group organizes events and social activities for people living with herpes in Florida. Members are encouraged to leave a message on the message board for support and group ideas. Get online support from other individuals suffering from the same illness. They provide links to other groups for HPV suffers and other STDs. This is a fun social group that encourages their members to participate and assist with planning activities in Bradenton and Sarasota.

North Florida H Friends

This is a Florida social group for people living with herpes. Members of this group are encouraged to interact and make friends to support each other while living with herpes. This group promotes a safe environment for their members with a confidential restricted group with over 600+ members. Members can check the member board for social events and activities for support with herpes. Privacy settings allow access to members only. Request an invitation to the group by sending a message to their email address.

Jax 437737

The Jax 437737 group in Florida is a place to chat, meet, and make new friends. This group is for genital and oral herpes suffers. The members of this group are active in helping each other cope with the symptoms of the disease. They encourage their members to join through the email invitation. This group focuses on your social life by participating in social events and group activities. They strongly encourage members to attend social events and participation is greatly appreciated. There are 200+ members currently active in this herpes support group.

Orlando Florida H20 Group

This is a no-cost volunteer support group for oral and genital herpes suffers in. Get resources and counseling from a friendly group that helps you deal with herpes in a positive way. This group offers support for HSV1 and HSV2 suffers across the Orlando, Tampa, and Daytona area. This group provides strategies that help you cope with herpes on a daily basis. This is a highly intelligent group that helps you find emotional support in Florida.

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