New York Herpes Support Groups | NYC, Buffalo, Hudson Valley

There are so many different herpes support groups available that it can sometimes be hard to know which one is right for you. Each of the groups mentioned is set up to serve various locations within New York and have different goals for each of the groups. Knowing what you are looking for in the group can go a long way in helping you to find a group that will suit your needs and your expectations. Several of these groups have different types of social gatherings available for any interested members that are set up with the goal of giving those with herpes a safe meeting place with others who are going through similar situations. These groups offer no judgment and they take the privacy of their members very seriously whether the meetings occur in public or online.

New York Herpes Support Groups

437737 Buffalo and Western NY with Herpes

This 437737 support group is a place that offers friendship for all of its members and acts as a herpes support group to its members as well as listing social events on both the local and the national scale for those in the New York area. This is done to help the members have a safe place to meet up and get to know each other.

Herpes New York

Herpes New York acts as one of many herpes support groups while giving members a place where they can make friends who are going through the same situation in the New York state area. The online aspect gives members a way to discuss their situation without having to worry about judgment or other concerns that meeting face to face would give members.

Hudson Valley Friends

This herpes support group strives to create fun social situations for all of its members. The events are planned by members and are open to anyone in the Hudson Valley area. These social events can be nearly anything that members can come up with and discussion of what the group is exactly when in public is strongly discouraged. This gives members a way to have fun with others in their situation without concern that those outside of the group will learn about the purpose of the group.


NYCFriendsII is set up as a herpes support group for anyone in the New York City area looking to create friendships with others who will understand their situation and what they are going through. Members are encouraged to post with questions, concerns and other comments on the website and to be respectful of the other members of the group.


USNYFriends is a herpes support group that provides many services to its members. Their main goal is to have a place where people can turn to for both support and friendship in a respectful environment. The respect that they expect is one of the only rules for the group and they encourage open discussions between any of their members.

Herpes Information New York

HINY acts as a way for members to keep up with all of the activities for the Herpes community that are available within the New York metro area and surrounding areas. These activities are typically non-profit but they all cater to the herpes community that has such a strong presence within the city. These events are great gathering spots where members can enjoy themselves in public without fear of judgment or misunderstandings.

HRA of New York City

HRA of New York City is set up as a herpes support group with a physical meeting on the second Friday of every month. These meetings serve as a support group for those in the NYC area. There are typically ten to fifteen members at any one group but new members are not uncommon. It is expected that these meetings be held in a respectful manner without passing judgment on anyone who shows up to participate in each meeting.

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