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Herpes support groups in the USA work hard to bring people suffering from Herpes together so that they can share their stories and experiences. These groups help people to enjoy life and have fun without any risk of judgment. If you need help, you can go through the list provided below to find the groups that are located in your city. These groups are often sponsored by the Herpes Resources Centre and they will quickly set you up with a group and individual counseling and fun events where you can be yourself and engage with others who face similar challenges to yours.

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USA Herpes Support Groups

Herpes Support Groups in other Major Cities of USA

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Herpes, HPV club

This club often gives its members access to other sites which are meant for herpes dating and social events. But this group also organizes a regular meet that happens on the third Saturday of every month. The membership is free, and the club can be reached at 770- 463- 8605 on phone.

Atlanta H Club Yahoo group

This is a diverse group in Atlanta that supports different events to raise awareness about Herpes-1 and Herpes-2. Members have to sign into their Yahoo group page to read and respond to different posts. Membership is free.

People of Colour Atlanta

POCAtlanta is a herpes support group that does not discriminate in terms of race and appearance. Only adults with Herpes I, II and HPV are allowed to join. The group is discreet and keeps information about different members completely confidential.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Friends

This is a social group for people with HSV-1 and HSV-2 so that they can meet new people and make more friends. This group addresses all questions and concerns of its members, and everybody is encouraged to participate. Members will be moderated before joining, and any wrong behavior will put them back under moderation again.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Twin Cities H Social

Based mainly in Minneapolis, this group covers all states from Minnesota to Iowa and Wisconsin. Anyone living outside of these states can join, but they need to contact the group moderators to explain why they want to join their group. This support group helps its members to deal with everyday issues related to Herpes. Members provide mental support to each other and also arrange events to have fun and socialize.

Washington DC

H2O of DC

This social group covers mainly Washington D.C and Baltimore. Membership is completely free and there is no need to fill up forms or take care of other formalities. People with HSV-1 and HSV-2 are encouraged to come at any of their public social events and meet others.

Washington HELP

This group holds meetings every second Monday except on Federal holidays. Members are given emotional support and medical advice to manage a healthy lifestyle.

Detroit, Michigan

Metro Detroit HELP

This group is affiliated with Herpes Resource Centre, which is funded by ASHA (American Sexual Health Association). It holds monthly meetings for its members and offers information and support to people suffering from Herpes.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle H Scene

This is a private social group for people with oral and genital herpes. Membership is free, and only people above the age of 18 years are accepted as members. This is a member-focused group, so only members arrange social gatherings for picnics, BBQ, Brunches, Happy Hours, Dinners and even Ski Trips!

Boston, Massachusetts

Bean Town Friends

This is a Boston Help Group that helps to educate members about HSV-1 and HSV-2. This group is very active, and members answer any questions others might have about their disease and symptoms. They are very discreet and keep their events private. They hold events throughout the year. Membership is free and people do not have to fill up forms to apply. Social events are also organized, where members can make new friends and enjoy without being judged because of their STD status.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Friends

This group allows people who over 18 years of age to join. Members are invited to go to different social events to make new friends and share their stories and troubles with others without any fear of judgment. Group forum is moderated to ensure that people’s responses are not taken lightly or ridiculed. The group does not discriminate in terms of social status or appearances. Since members interact openly in a public forum, everyone is advised to not use their real name. Group events are also revealed to members only.

Portland, Oregon

Portland Area Friends

This group was started in the year 2001 and now has about 613 members. It is meant primarily for herpes patients who are over 18 years of age. This group does not focus on sessions which provide medical information. They usually organize fun meets for movies, happy hours, pizza nights, dinners and camping trips. Events are organized on a monthly basis.

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